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Every business is a people business. Even if you sit in front of a computer all day long and write code, someone is paying you to write that code. The computer doesn’t pay your salary. A real, live person does.


Opterre is a company that specializes in helping business consultants further their careers. Whether the consultant is still debating about starting his or her own business or the business is thriving, and we’ve turned into more of a business coaching role, Opterre understands the importance of people in consulting and the priceless value of networking.




When you’re in business by yourself, it’s an uphill battle to get the word out that you exist. The more connections you have and make, the more likely the word will spread as you build your business consulting clientele. Word-of-mouth usually brings in the best and most loyal customers. From new clients to lead generators/introducers and other business consultants, a business consultant grows his or her business from referrals.




  • Attend industry events and conferences. There’s no better way to meet people who need your services than an event or conference that gathers the leaders of your industry together. You’ll have things in common with everyone there, leading to important conversations and resources you can build upon.
  • Social media. Having a profile on LinkedIn, an account on Facebook, and a Twitter account are great ways to get the word out about your business consultant business and to stay connected to your industry. Starting discussions, sharing posts, and being active on social media are great ways to grow your business consulting business.
  • Offer free advice and/or workshops. These days when nothing is free, when you offer your services for free, potential clients and contacts take notice. If they like your advice now, they will be more likely to sign up in the future.
  • Stay in contact once contact has been made. A great way to build a network is through a regular newsletter or blog. Often, people need your services just the timing is off. If you remind them you exist once a month (or more if you’re blogging), you’re more likely to get the call when their timing is right.
  • Use coffee and beer as networking opportunities and rapport-building time. Taking time out of your busy schedule to meet face-to-face with clients will go a long way in their eyes. As you build rapport, you’ll learn of others who may need your services as well as establishing goodwill to maintain your current relationship. Many people need coffee in the morning and like a beer after work. These two substances contain chemicals that make people happy. Happy people means happy clients.


People and relationships are long-term cultivations worth the investment. An angel investor could be recommended to you at a coffee meeting. A future business partnership could be forged over a beer. The opportunities are endless while networking with others. Opterre supports your business consulting growth through helping with networking opportunities near you. Contact us today to get started!

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