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Consultant's Roadmap - Updated for 2019!

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This guide covers the essential areas you need to set up your business.

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Consultants earning multi-million dollar incomes all go through these activities to set up their businesses. This guide shortens your time to figure it out, or the need to hire someone else to do it for you.

What’s the catch?

Absolutely nothing! We’re on a mission to help create 2000 new, successful “professional advisory” businesses. The first step to make that happen is to share with you some insightful best practices in an easy-to-read format. We do want to know who we’re talking to, so we ask for your email.

Why This Matters…

If you’re like most people who provide professional advice or service, you went to business school, or medical school or learned a technical skill. Got a job and started on a career. One day, though, you wondered where that career is going. It’s only a matter of time until you find that no job is secure. Is a merger is coming? Outsourcing rumors? Or is technology taking jobs? Eventually you either quit or your job goes away.

Now what? Some people say all you need is a phone and a laptop to go in to business. So you do, and find your first client – usually a friend or colleague.

But eventually, you got hit with the reality getting other clients isn’t that easy, and that there’s a lot of tasks you were never taught in school.

That is, running a business means a lot more than just being great at your special skill.

And what’s your business model? Are you no more than a “contractor” … performing hourly services to just a handful of clients because that’s all you can handle? What if you land a large account, but can’t scale up to their need?

That’s where Opterre comes in. This team’s leadership came from large consulting houses. We took the leap from corporate life. We followed the same road maps that made the larger agencies… large. And we became successful. We’ve modified them to fit small and medium businesses. Now, it’s time to share those successful road maps with you. We don’t promise to make you in their image – that is, large. And we don’t promise to make you super rich. But we can help you become a successful, powerful consultant coach or adviser.

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Michael (Mike) Walker, Founder, President & CEO

Am I a Consultant?

Are you asking yourself that question? Running a practice can be fantastic. You get to be your own boss. You get greater control over that work/life balance. And, every time you add another client, you’re giving yourself a raise. But moving from being an employee to an independent consultant can be a major career and life change.

We’ve create a simple 2 minute quiz that will help you assess yourself.

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