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Losing Your Job – How Will You React?

A guest blog post by Lara Brockie of  Lara Brockie Consulting Ltd. In June this year, Boeing announced plans to transfer a large part of their shared services group from Puget Sound in Washington State to Mesa, Arizona, affecting hundreds of jobs. This initiative is...

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How Consultants Call on Business Buyers

Last time I discussed the four types of business buyers. One astute reader replied back to me that it is one thing to know who these people/roles are, but another to know how to sell to them. Well… I purposely didn’t write anything on that topic because it’s in my...

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Identifying Your Business Buyers

If you’ve been in a sales role, you’ve dealt with this before. If you haven’t been in a sales role, and are starting up your consultancy, you will soon be in a position where you must identify the business buyers for your services. I was working with a large health...

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How to Determine if Your Job Will be Automated

"Your talents are no longer needed." "Thank you for your time here at Company ABC. We appreciate your hard work over the years." Have you heard these terrible statements before? They're the sound the company you’ve poured your sweat, heart, and tears into for many...

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Life Lessons from a Business Consultant

Business consultants are a certain breed. Driven, passionate, and used to success, they have learned a lot of life lessons along the way. Opterre, a firm that coaches consultants to success in their chosen industry, shares some of our best life lessons. A FEW LESSONS...

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The Importance of Diversification in Business

You’ve started your own consulting business. You’ve taken all your years of working in your chosen industry and are now growing your own business, helping others achieve their dreams and passions. Life is good. Really good. But still, there may be a nagging worry -...

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