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Think how boring life would be if you were alone. No one to talk to. No one to share experiences with. No one to take a walk to the park with. No one to consult on decisions. No one to offer advice. You’d be all alone with just you and your voice. And let’s be honest: our voice is not enough.


Opterre, a consultant business in business to help you become a consultant, is your other voice. The objective voice that listens, processes all the information, ruminates on it, and then offers up sound, unbiased advice on which course of action you should take.


All successful businesses have a number two man. Dr. Watson was Sherlock Holmes’. Think how many mysteries he would have solved without Dr. Watson. Batman had Robin. Batman would be dead without Robin. Same with The Lone Ranger and Tonto.


In real life, Alexander the Great had Bucephalus. Bucephalus was Alexander the Great’s horse. Alexander rode no other horse into battle. Charlemagne had Roland. Steve Jobs had Tim Cook.  Their names are not well known, and most of them probably prefer that. However, the number twos were invaluable to the leaders they served.


Most of us have parents, friends, family, and colleagues who guide us on our path in life. These people have our best interests at heart, but often they are clouded by their close relationship to us. The advice they offer may not be the best when emotions get in the way. Hence, an outside source such as a business coach is indispensable today.




  1. Experience. Your business coach has years of knowledge at business start-up, business management, business growth, and business vision. Most business coaches are experts at seeing the short-term game and developing a long-term game–and adjusting with the market changes along the way.
  2. Dedication. Your business coach is 100 percent dedicated to your success. They are available for you when you need to bounce an idea around, when you need support and a pep talk, or to brainstorm ideas. At Opterre, collaboration is one of our key values we cherish.
  3. Accountability. Money is the ultimate motivator. When you spend money on something, you want to get value from it. You’ll be more likely to follow through on steps you need to take in order to succeed. Constant contact is a hallmark of Opterre’s mission to promote your business and career as well.
  4. Unbiased opinions and unrestrained criticisms. Your business coach’s job is to ensure you don’t make mistakes. He or she is unlikely to let you learn by experience. If something is not right in your business model or ideas, count on your business coach to tell you so. If he or she won’t, then you need to keep looking. We all need to be told how it is in aspects of our life and business if we want to grow and learn.
  5. You’ll make more money. A business coach will help you narrow your vision, stick to your vision, and turn your vision into a reality. You’ll gain the confidence you need with a professional business coach. And when you need a trench, your business coach will dig it.


Man wasn’t created to be alone and to be a successful consultant, you need clients. Your business coach probably has an extensive network of business contacts who can help you throughout your business journey. From events and seminars to conferences and your neighborhood 5k race down the block, a successful business needs to be known and needs to be out in front of people to gain traction and grow.


Opterre knows what it takes to succeed and grow as a consultant. We’ve been down the same road, cut down the same trees, and navigated the same bodies of water you are either in or about to enter. By leveraging our experience, you can turn your dreams into reality, and start using your expertise to make a true impact in your industry. Opterre offers a free online quiz to help you determine if business consulting is for you. Then contact us today to set up your free consultation. Contact Opterre today for all of your business consultant needs!

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