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As a top-tier business consultant, Opterre hears this question frequently: “When’s the right time to start my business?” Our answer is always the same: today!


“But, I’m not ready!” “I don’t have the capital!” “I have to give two weeks notice!” “My dog needs surgery so maybe next month.” “I’m getting married.” “My cat is sitting on my lap right now, so I can’t get up.”


Opterre specializes in helping you start your own business right where you are. So many people fall into the trap of procrastinating their dreams because they get stuck or don’t know where to begin. Whatever your reason is for not starting your own business, Opterre offers up tips below to help you get started.




  1. You’re not getting any younger. Starting your own business is a lot of work and the older you get, the more adverse to work you become (mainly due to metabolism, family constraints, and a desire to enjoy your time more). The younger you are, the more likely you won’t have major responsibilities. Factor in the time value of money, and your business can explode in no time at all.
  2. Starting your own business does not mean you quit your day job. Most successful companies weren’t born in a day. Usually, a seed is planted somewhere in the back of your mind during one of those unassuming moments you wouldn’t normally remember that blossoms and blooms into your idea. Nurture your seed and let it grow before you sprout your flowers.
  3. Capitalize on your passions. We all have passions. Your business needs to align with your passions, or it won’t succeed.
  4. Write down your business idea. Research into its viability. Make a business plan. This is doing something today (and tomorrow and the next) that starts your own business. Rome wasn’t built in a day. Neither was a computer, the Internet, or Wal-Mart.
  5. One step at a time. If you commit to taking one step a day towards your heart’s passion, that’s 365 steps towards your own business each year. You’ll know when it’s time to quit your job and dedicate all your efforts and energy and sacrifice all your free time and past times for the sake of this business.


Starting your own business is not quitting your job and walking into a company of dozens of employees, products churning off the assembly line, and a swank office building. Patience is a virtue you’ll need to cultivate when you take the leap to your own business.


At Opterre, we’re here to help guide you and cultivate your ideas. We’ll coach you through the entire process from the germination to the sprouting to the flowering and to the pruning. Nothing worthwhile is accomplished in a day. Or two. Or three. But in that one day, that second and third day, and so on, you’ll see progress. When the mountaintop comes into view, all those steps will add up and the view will be something unimaginable. Take that first step. Contact Opterre today for a free consultation.

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