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Your childhood is most likely filled with happy memories. Playing at a local park, catching crawdads (or crayfish as they are properly known) in the creek, picking flowers for your mother, climbing trees, building forts, fishing in your neighborhood pond, swimming at a nearby lake, camping under the clear, bright stars and roasting marshmallows to make delicious smores. Outside of school work, you had no real responsibilities. Life was full of unicorns, magic, endless wonder, and carefree bliss.


Enter adulthood. You get a job, settle down, have a couple of kids, and enter the corporate world. Life is good, but you harken after your childhood. You get to live vivaciously through your kids as they grow up and they enjoy a carefree environment. Why can’t you have that as well? At least a tiny bit of it?


Eventually, your job becomes unfulfilling. You yearn for more. Yet you don’t know what that more entails. Then somewhere deep inside a long-lost dream emerges–one from childhood–a dream where you were the expert, leading others to success and happiness. As a child, you weren’t sure of the details. Now, with years of industry experience, you think you know: consulting. You’ve worked hard to build expertise. Now you want to share it. But how? Where to begin?




Starting your own business can be overwhelming. You know what it is. Or do you? You think you know how to begin. You need a separate checking account. You’ll need to get articles of incorporation for your business and an EIN number. You’ll need a business name. Business cards. You may need to garner angel investors for an initial capital investment. And a business plan. You’ll need one of those. And the list goes on and on and on…


With so much to do, it helps to have direction and a plan. You don’t want to waste time going down the wrong path and then having to make a u-turn. It helps to have an expert who knows what steps to take and when. That’s where a business consultant steps in.


A business consultant’s core job is to help you develop a business plan or business model, come up with a strategy, problem solve, network, and mentor you as you develop more skills and knowledge.  A business consultant has a broad vision from marketing to web design to the smallest details to who to choose to design your logo to which local bank is more friendly to small businesses. When you hire a business consultant, you are hiring that person’s knowledge and expertise.  Here at Opterre we bring in real-world skills paired with big ideas to turn your dream into concrete steps.


At Opterre, we not only focus on getting your business up and running, but we also focus on the person behind the business–you. Success is a mindset. Over half the battle will be in your own mind. You’ll have many battles with self-doubt and self-worth as well as constant doubts about if you’re doing the right thing. For you to succeed, you’ll need to focus. A great business consultant does all the worrying for you, so you can focus on your business.




The difference between a coach and a consultant is subtle, but it’s there. The term coach comes to us from the Hungarian word “kocsi” meaning “carriage” named after the village where a carriage was first devised. In the 1830s, the word made its way to the prestigious Oxford University in Oxford, England, where it came to mean “an instructor” or “trainer” who “carried” a student through the term to the final exam. The first recorded use of coach in relation to sports was in 1861, where its use stayed almost exclusively in the sporting world. Today, coaching is widely used to describe the entire process of transporting people from where they are to where they want to be.


A coach takes the vision and makes it a reality. Similarly, a business coach takes your business vision to reality. However, a business coach is more focused on your mentality and your self-development. A business consultant is more focused on the business’s vision and making that a reality.


One step often missed by business consultants is the why behind the how. Getting a business up and running requires a lot of tangible steps. Once these steps are in place, the mental game steps in and the why takes over. This is very important because most businesses don’t fail because of the structure; businesses fail because of the lack of belief behind the brick and mortar.


This may have been a reason you decided to start your own consulting business: you had lost the why to your work. Why do you go to work in the morning? What motivates you? Who are you helping? How are you helping them? The fuel to your fire must be ignited and added to if you are to beat the odds and make it as a small business.




An ideal business consultant is a business coach as well. He or she may be stronger in one avenue than the other, but you will need both to succeed.


The fact of the matter is you cannot do this alone. Every great business has right-hand persons behind them. Even if it’s just the support of your spouse, your children, and your friends, you are not alone in your business start-up. Hiring a business consultant to be your unbiased sounding-board is critical to your success. Without one, you might as well be flying blind.


Opterre specializes in business consulting and business coaching. We want to leverage your expertise in order to help others in your field. The majority of our clients are the top players in their chosen fields who have an inner desire to rise to the next level, to help more people, and to truly make a difference in others’ lives. They have a vision and they have a why. Opterre can help you find both. Contact us today.

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