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No one said being in business for yourself was easy. If it were easy, everyone would be a business consultant. Your days are long and often lonely. Some days you have little contact with clients or other people. And computers aren’t the best at conversation even with the proliferation of social media. If you’re new and just starting out, you may not yet have a support system of other business consultants to contact when you need a bit of advice or someone to have lunch with and pitch ideas with one another.


Consulting can be lonely. This is where the importance of having a business coach or business mentor is invaluable. At Opterre, one of our main jobs is to be there when you need us. We’re here to listen to the most complicated client scenario or just how your day is going or even how horrible traffic is. From the exciting to the mundane, Opterre is here to help you with all of your business consulting needs. Contact us today.


Opterre understands the hardships of being a business consultant. From the highs of closing a deal you’ve worked literally months on to the lows of missing flights, clients cancelling services, and making new contacts, we’ve been there. Thus, we’ve compiled some of our favorite tips to help you navigate the downs of a business consultant’s career.




  • Be gentle with yourself. Most business consultants are A-personalities, meaning they have very high ambitions, high expectations of themselves and others, and usually a high energy level. It’s okay if not all of your clients get called in your week or you attend your child’s soccer game instead of scheduling a conference call or you go for a weekend getaway to the mountains instead of getting that pressing proposal finished. Don’t be too hard on yourself when there’s still life to lead.
  • Be patient. Success takes time, and if you’re a business consultant stepping out for the first time on your own and you’re used to the high-flying success and busyness of the corporate world, the slow-down can lead to feelings of depression and anxiety. All businesses operate on cycles. It can take years to establish yourself as an expert.
  • Take a break. This is a crucial component to your ongoing success, and often a sure-fire pick-me-up when you’re feeling low. Schedule coffee with a friend during the day. Go and sit in front of the fire with a book that has nothing to do with business consulting and read for 15 minutes a day. Go for a walk. Tie up some loose ends of personal business such as making doctor’s appointments or calling the bank.
  • Schedule vacations and take them. If you looked up workaholic in the dictionary, a picture of a business consultant would show up. Studies show you are more productive and more innovative after a vacation. Spend time with the ones you are working so hard for, especially if you have kids. They’ll be gone sooner than you think, and you don’t want to miss forming memories of surfing in the ocean or seeing the Eiffel Tower together.
  • Embrace the downs. The downs in life are what make the ups worth living. These are also the times of the most personal growth and change. Although you may feel depressed, forlorn, and overwhelmed, know you are growing as a person, overcoming this time in your life, and soon it will turn around.
  • Join a business or entrepreneurial group. As a business consultant, you know networking is key to your success. Getting together monthly or bi-monthly is not only good for your growing consulting business, it’s also good for your mental health. You’ll leave these meetings feeling refreshed, invigorated, and ready to tackle your next challenge. Plus, it will keep the aloneness feelings at bay the more you connect with others.
  • Find a hobby. As business consultants, your work is your passion, which is great. However, you need another passion —outside of work —to indulge in. Whether it’s racketball at the club, running, playing chess, building models, fixing cars, or paragliding, finding what else makes your heart sing and looking forward to those moments you spend doing it will make huge inroads in your state of mind and propel it upwards instead of downwards.


At Opterre, we are here to make your life —not just your career —a success. As business coaches, you can call us for all your needs, whether it’s work related or personal. Our mission is to share our knowledge and experience with you —both related to career and life. We have resources available to help manage your day and prevent burnout and depression. Lean on our expertise while you develop yours. Contact Opterre today for all of your business consulting and business coaching needs.

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