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Top 5 Signs You Need a Career Change

Did you dread the question when you were a kid, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Most kids list a profession that their hero is a part of such as a professional athlete, a superhero, a doctor, or an astronaut. Surprisingly, many kids admitted they didn’t...

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Why You Need a Career Coach

Think how boring life would be if you were alone. No one to talk to. No one to share experiences with. No one to take a walk to the park with. No one to consult on decisions. No one to offer advice. You’d be all alone with just you and your voice. And let’s be honest:...

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Business Consultant: The Path to a Business Consultant Career

“What degree do I need to be a business consultant?” “What training do I need to do consulting work?” “What companies should I look at to work for to be a business consultant?” “How long should I work with that company?” “When should I start looking for a business...

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Outsourcing and YOU

Key Takeaways Outsourcing has been around for thousands of years (really) As a business owner, you'll need to know when to outsource As a consultant, coach, trainer or freelancer you may be the business other businesses outsource to Check out the reasons...

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How to Take Advantage of Trends

by Paul Dughi, a contributing writer on the Opterre team. Key Takeaways The only constant is “change.” Check out the ways to research trends impacting your industry below Informing your clients of upcoming trends will enhance their trust in you And gain...

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Should I Work for Myself?

Key Takeaways The economy is shifting away from long-term employment with one company The “gig economy” and being self-employed is becoming the new normal Yet, starting a business requires more than your passion and a great idea Do you know the pros and cons of...

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It’s Not a Good Time to Be an Employee, But…

by Paul Dughi, a contributing writer on the Opterre team. Key Takeaways As an employee, your position is becoming less secure As an independent consultant, you will be able to negotiate terms and conditions with your clients that you would not be able to do as an...

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3 Pillars to Consulting Success

Three Pillars to Building a Consulting Business Every year for the last 5 years there are over 600,000 new businesses launched. The U.S. economy (and most of the world for that matter) chugs along.  Business sentiment is very optimistic. The longer the economy ticks...

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