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  • Life Lessons from a Business Consultant

    Business consultants are a certain breed. Driven, passionate, and used to success, likely they have learned a lot of life lessons along their way to success. Opterre, a business consultant firm that coaches business consultants to success in their chosen industry,...

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    The Importance of Diversification in Business

    You’ve started your own consulting business. You’ve taken all your years of working in your chosen industry and are now growing your own business, helping others achieve their dreams and passions. Life is good. Really good. But when life’s good, you get worried....

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    What Differentiates Leaders?

      Alexander the Great. George Washington. Winston Churchill. Augustus Caesar. Queen Elizabeth I.   All of the above are great leaders for various reasons. Alexander the Great amassed the largest empire of the ancient world in 13 short years —all before the age of 33....

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    The Keys to Success According to a Business Consultant

    Success.   Success is probably different for every person. As it should be. You can be a successful member of society. You can be a successful parent. You can be a successful quilter. You can be a successful baseball player. Every field, hobby, or role in life offers...

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    How to Make Smart, Executive Decisions

      It’s what differentiates the average business consultant from the top-tier business consultant: the ability to make tough decisions under pressure. Opterre is a company that coaches business consultants in their careers. We mentor and guide business consultants to...

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    When’s The Right Time to Start Your Business

    As a top-tier business consultant, Opterre hears this question frequently: “When’s the right time to start my business?” Our answer is always the same: today!   “But, I’m not ready!” “I don’t have the capital!” “I have to give two weeks notice!” “My dog needs surgery...

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