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Should I Work for Myself?

Key Takeaways The economy is shifting away from long-term employment with one company The “gig economy” and being self-employed is becoming the new normal Yet, starting a business requires more than your passion and a great idea Do you know the pros and cons of...

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It’s Not a Good Time to Be an Employee, But…

by Paul Dughi, a contributing writer on the Opterre team. Key Takeaways As an employee, your position is becoming less secure As an independent consultant, you will be able to negotiate terms and conditions with your clients that you would not be able to do as an...

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3 Pillars to Consulting Success

Three Pillars to Building a Consulting Business Every year for the last 5 years there are over 600,000 new businesses launched. The U.S. economy (and most of the world for that matter) chugs along.  Business sentiment is very optimistic. The longer the economy ticks...

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How to Add Value to Your Service

In the "5 Ways to Make More Money," I covered a few ways consultants can make more money. I ended by saying you have to create more value. So how do we do that? ​​​Well... consider this: I'm currently investing in a software project. This project has the...

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Top Ten Best Ways to Fund for Your Practice

Top Ten Best Ways to Get Funding for Your Consulting Practice The question I’m asked most often is, “How do I get funding for my consulting practice?” Good question. Underlying this appeal for guidance is a genuine recognition of risk—as in, “I can’t risk my savings,...

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How Introverts Can Talk to Strangers

By Katy Carpenter and Michael Walker When attempting to attract someone’s attention, what do you do? Make eye contact, smile a little and then look away? Or do you hold the eye contact and add a gesture with a ‘come here’ motion?  To attract clients, some of the same...

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Use Two Great Methods to Qualify Proposals

Do you want to win at proposals? Imagine this scene: You meet a prospective client at a conference. She tells you that the reason she’s there is that she’s struggling to meet new quality targets demanded by her customers. You ask a few questions to get at the heart of...

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